自転車盗難防止等  how to prevent bicycle theft, etc.

To the trianees of Globe,

Everyone, make sure to always lock bicycle except when you drive it, even in front of your dormitory, or at nearby convenience store, or in front of your factory or working site.
If you forget to lock it, you will have it stolen, then you will regret not to lock it, but it’s too late..
And it’s natural that you have to buy bicycle for your company, because your company lends it to you.


And, one more important thing;
Don’t ride bicycle except the one your company lent to you…or, the one you bought. If police officer finds out that it’s not yours, or not your employer’s, you will be forced to report to police station with the officer, and police officer will call your employer and GLOBE to report to the police station immediately even on Sundays or even late at night.

One trainee was interrogated by Policeman, and found out that the bicycle is not the one company lent to them, but it is the stolen one.
According to the trainees, his brother gave it to him, so he thought it is his brother’s. But the truth is that is not his brother’s.

Now you understand, right?
Don’t ride bicycle which is not the one company lent to you, or the one you bought, to prevent this problem.

Remember it always not to be involved in police related matter.