在留カードを携帯しましょう  Always have Residence Card with you

a0001_004120a0960_000461To the trainees of GLOBE Cooperative Association,

If you don’t have Residence Card when police officer questions and requests you to show him or her your Residence Card, you will be forced to go to police station with the officer.

And, even on Sundays, police officer calls your employer and Globe to report to the police station immediately where you are held in detention.

Furthurmore, if you don’t have Residence Card, you may be subject to penalty of 200,000 yen or less, and if you don’t show Residence Card to Police or Immigration officer, you may be subject to penalty of up to 200,000 yen, or imprisonment of up to 1 year.

In this way, you will not only experience feeling of much of shame, but also cause much trouble to lots of people concerned if you forget to bring your Residence Card..

So, always make sure to bring Residence Card even when you just go to nearby convenience store, or supermarket.

If you lost Residence Card, report it to your employer and staff of GLOBE in charge of you, immediately. You have to apply reissue of Residence Card at nearby Immigration Bureau within 14 days after you lost it.